Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Little Sea

Photos from my latest zine project.
Our Little Sea -zine represents the view of 20 illustrators and artists on the current state of the Baltic Sea.
Cover by me, other works (from up): Aleksandra Waliszewska, Anna Sailamaa, Sami Havia

Artists & Illustrators:
Johan Björkegren (Sweden), Daniel Dolz + Doris Freigofas (Germany), Christopher Golebiowski (Sweden), Emmi Jormalainen (Finland), Sami Havia (Finland), Eibatova Karina, Hanna Konola (Finland), Anna Emilia Laitinen (Finland), Heiko Müller (Germany), Minna Mäkipää (Finland), Reetta Niemensivu (Finland), Jaakko Pallasvuo (Finland), Ragnar Persson (Sweden), Anna Sailamaa (Finland), Sara Söderholm (Sweden), Elmeri Terho (Finland), Jenni Valo (Finland), Aleksandra Waliszewska (Poland), Emelie Östergren (Sweden)

Price 12 € + shipping. For each sold copy, 1 euro will be donated to the protection of the Baltic Sea. You can order your own copy in my online shop.

Alexa Kirsten Stroth

I just got a copy of Alexa Kirsten Stroth's first photo book. I'm happy there is finally chance to see her works on paper. The book is beautifully printed on soft uncoated paper.
You can get your copy from her online shop.